Will my desktop support nVidia Quadro K4200?


One of my clients got second hand nVidia Quadro k4200 graphics card. He has some old HP desktop like I think i3 4th/6th Gen. I am little puzzled to confirm compatible with the desktop.

I am open to accept any suggestions. How can I test this graphic card just want to make sure to not break anything.

Hi @AnthonyD

  1. Just check your Motherboard has a PCI-E slot
  2. Check Enough space for holding the Graphics Card > some PC tower don’t have enough space for big graphics cards.
  3. nVidia Quadro k4200 it needs power supply so check weather your power supply unit has 6 or 8 pin cables.


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Hi @Aravinth,

Thanks for your response. My Motherboard does have a PCI slot but SMPS doesn’t have the 6 pin Power cable.

I also studied these type of graphic cards consume more like above 80W which normal desktop SMPS doesn’t produce

It seems I need to buy a New SMPS which has 6 pin Power cable

Hi @AnthonyD,

Your main concern is going to be that the power supply can power this card and has the auxiliary 6-pin connector, since it consumes up to 108W and the PCIe slot can only supply 75W.

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yeah, you are correct

My HP SMPS did had 2x 4 pin connector so I had to buy one SMPS which have 2x 4 pin connector cable additionally I bought this adapter which will convert the 2x 4 connector pin into6 pin PCI express power adapter cable.

Now everything working smoothly.
Thanks for your help @tjnihal, @Aravinth

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