Win 8 and Win 10 share folders not working

This might come off as a bit confusing so bear with me:

  • I am using a S4 PC on Win8.1 x64 pro, sharing 4 hard drives with full rights to my family members (5 computers in total). My sister comes visiting often and I let her use the network. She has Win 10 64 Pro and on her PC, I can see my S4 device. So I tried to log in through her computer and was prompted to provide username and password. After entering those codes, I got a message that credentials are not correct for S4. What happened and what might I be doing wrong? All computers use them same network and internet connection.

Try to add IP and credentials in credential manager

Probably the easiest method to fix this is to create a new account for your sister on that PC.
it can just be called sister, what ever you want. make a simple password like 123456,

after finished, just delete the account

this is cheating method to skip analyzing the occurred bugs

Login to your S4 Pc the >> Go to control panel and click >> Network and Internet >>Network and Sharing Center
then click Change advanced sharing settings and expand All Network
and click Turn off password protected sharing

Now within your network anyone can access your 4 hard drives without username and password