Windows 10 1709 desktop icons disappear and show up later

Hello guys and girls,

I am really sick of this Windows 10 issues. I restarted my computer many times hoping it could this problem but this keep reappearing. Windows 10 1709 version here. From last week my desktop PC has been doing something strange lately. Sometimes all my icons disappear and 2 white rectangles appear in the bottom left corner. If I triple-click on the left one, it goes to the top left corner and leaves the right one there. Triple clicking on the one in the top corner makes it disappear and makes the desktop icons come back and leaves the other one visible. This seems like such a random bug I don’t see how it could happen…but it did.

Aside from this just being an annoying distraction, I am worried it’s a sign of something going wrong either with Windows 10 or my hardware.

If more info is needed I’ll provide it

Hello @the_joe

This is not the problem of hardware, you can verify by starting your computer in safe mode, It seems it is a problem of Software or virus also. I am sharing a link how to boot from safe mode, you try to boot your system in safe mode and check your problem in safe mode if problem not appear it means there must be a problem of software not the hardware problem
2. you can run any antivirus also to scan your computer.

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