Windows 10 (1809) Display Scale and Layout Group Policy

Greetings to all of you guys,
We are currently experiencing an issue with my Win 10 1809 test environment that won’t allow our standard users the option to change Scale and Layout from the Display window. Red Text appears under Scale and Layout that read “Some settings are managed by your system administrator. A custom scale factor is set”. indeed we are the SysAdmin but we have not set a custom scale for my Win 10 test environment. However, we have set a User Config Control Panel Policy to only Show specific Control Panel Items, which are as follows.
List of allowed Control Panel Items.
Internet Options
Folder Option
Date and Time
Taskbar and Start Menu
Devices and Printers
Screen rotation
Display-Advanced graphics
The issue still persists when disabling this policy. we’ve unlinked all GPOs in this separate OU. There is no local group policy set for PC Settings or Control Panel polices.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Please suggest me to the right path which can solve this easily
Thanking you in advance.

Hello @Stanford

I hope this will help you.