Windows 10 1809 Education is very slow at login

My Windows 10 1809 is very slow after the update. Does anyone know what this behavior is and has found a way around it.

  1. Image a device with base Windows 10 image. Script are all the preloaded apps off and disabled first sign in animation before login screen shows up.
  2. Lets say Staff one is the very first human to log in. It takes staff one quite a while to login considering all mentioned preloaded apps that were stripped out already are not trying to copy over.
  3. Now lets say we have Staff one and Staff two. Both have never logged in before. Each tries to log in and is successful. In both cases, their local profiles are built and ready in less that 10 seconds. Again, they’re built from scratch the same as Staff. But the time to do this is much less, and what is expected.

My question is why does it take Staff one for so long? Why does the user profile service take that long when there literally NOTHING else to do that copy the 5MB Default user profile and make minimal reg entries.

Hello @Harper1

Did you check in safe mode that the same problem is occurring in safe mode which was in Normal mode.
Did you check startup option in by running msconfig command.

Please Let me know after checking the steps.
Sharing link for start windows 10 om safe mode.

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