Windows 10 1903 Restore points being selected

Hello everyone,
Recently I updated 3 systems to Windows 10 1903. Before 1903 I created a restore point daily as a safeguard. Under 1903 I have tried to create a restore point daily to no avail. 1903 creates the restore point but deletes it within a short time frame (less than 24 hours) after the creation,
so in essence
That I have NO restore point to fall back on should I need to do so? I have sufficient space allocated for restore points and have system restore activated. Also, note restores point creation and saving worked before going to 1903. Does anyone know what is going on and if Microsoft is aware of this issue as I cannot find anything meaningful about how to address this issue? A friend also has this problem on two systems. This problem and the one I have with not being able to see computers on my home private network have caused me to curse a lot.
Thanks for any help.