Windows 10 1909, StartLayout.xml not working properly

Hello, guys,

I am doing multiple PCs upgrade per week from Windows 10 1903 to Windows 10 1909.

I set up my machine with anything our Users would need in our Environment. Tweaked Energy Settings withing unattend.xml and then I tried to edit this very beautiful Windows 10 Startmenu. And this is where I’m getting really angry right now. ( Yes all in good old Audit Mode no local User-created to benefit from CopyProfile in unattend.xml )

start menu layout not working

After Syspreped and Booting into the Machine EVERYTHING Works and behaves as expected. With one major issue: This beautiful Startmenu is not like I have set it up. It’s the Basic Startmenu coming from the Basic Windows Installation.

What I have tried:-Export-Layout and Import it while in Audit mode => Not much, several error messages at the start but well it is working with Import without giving errors. The only thing which is changing -> Taskbar Icons ( yay at least one thing is working )