Windows 10 1909 upgrade broke graphical views

Hello all,

The Windows 10 1909 update is breaking a few of our designing user computers, and while I have been able to resolve a few minor issues, I found one that’s putting up a fight. On a handful of our newest Dell laptops, programs that utilize the nVidia discrete graphics cards will produce odd behavior or display error messages about driver incompatibilities. Specifically:

Our current mitigation method is to enter the nVidia control panel and bypass the nVidia GPU by changing the preferred graphics processor to Integrated Graphics for each affected program. We’ve tried several clean installs of current, older, and new beta nVidia drivers, the latest being the 431.18 hotfix driver. None have resolved our issue. We’ve also made sure the affected machines are fully patched with Windows and Dell updates, which also haven’t helped.

When launching the latest build of Google Earth, the main 3D view window will not render any graphics. It sits at a blank grey/white window while the rest of the UI loads, but won’t respond to input.

As anyone else runs across this issue with machines that have been updated to 1909 from a previous version? If so, what has been your fix or mitigation method?


Hello @William

Try this new updated driver 431.60 from the following link
GeForce Game Ready Driver | 431.60 | Windows 10 64-bit | NVIDIA