Windows 10 accidentally reset. How to restore?

Hi All,

My colleague accidentally reset one of our production windows 10 PC now I am trying to fix this issue. This PC was actually running Windows 10 1909 and maybe I suspect that during the reset process windows may have been updated from an earlier version example windows 10 version 1903.

While searching in the windows 10 setting option I noted the option “Go back to the previous version of windows 10” is not available on this computer but this PC has Windows.old folder on the C drive with a recent date. I am not sure why the Windows is not recognizing the Windows.old folder.

What are the other option I can use to recover my Windows 10 OS backup.



Hi @Graham,

Restoring your Windows 10 isn’t possible because somehow your previous Windows OS files has lost in the Windows.old folder. So, your only option is to use any data recovery software to recovery the lost of important files. You may try software like MiniTool Power Data Recovery or easeus data recovery to recovery your lost files.

Hope this helps

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Other than data recover and the windows.old folder there is no option left to recover your lost windows. You can try any backup software but you can only able to recover some part of your documents from your PC but not the Windows OS. Better fresh install the Windows 10 OS and start again.

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