Windows 10 audio issue: No audio devices are installed

Hello guys,
From the past two or three days ago the one and the only issue is annoying me.
I installed Windows 10 on my PC before a few days ago and I found there is no system audio (start-up sounds, etc…) and Cortana does not have any audio output.
Things like youtube and games still have audio, however.

My audio is handled through an HDMI cable connected to a tv/surround sound system.
I have an NVIDIA GeForce graphics card that handles both the video and audio with the drivers updated. On my bar on the bottom right of the screen, it shows two audio managers. They are the windows audio manager and Realtek HD audio manager. Both show the TV/surround sound as the default audio output device. However, if I click the troubleshoot button on the windows audio manager it says there are no speakers connected.

I had the same setup with Windows 8.1 with no issues.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this issue?
Does anyone face the same issue as
Please appreciate me?
Thanks a lot.