Windows 10 Automatic Repair not working?

Hi all,

I am currently stuck in a bad situation, I will start from the beginning.

I recently put together a PC from scraps a week ago, ever since Windows was always prompting me to download a security update, I always ask for the computer to do it later. In the mornings it would do the update but would always freeze near the end, leaving me to no choice but to shut down the computer. It would always go back to normal after that. This morning I did the same thing but now it is stuck in an endless loop of trying to “Restoring to a previous version of Windows” I have tried almost everything.

I can’t re-install windows because I used a used hard drive with Windows installed and not to my name. I can’t boot into safe mode and when I try to get an automatic repair to appear, nothing happens.

Someone help!


Hello @Palmer

You can download and repair windows update troubleshooter from the below link
Windows Update Troubleshooter - Microsoft Support
if you are not able to run update troubleshooter or boot in normal mode then you can start windows safe mode with networking.
I am Sharing link how to boot windows in safe mode.
Start your PC in safe mode in Windows - Microsoft Support