Windows 10 Bluetooth issue.!

Hi all,
Yesterday I got a Mail from one of my friends:
I was always having audio issues every time my laptop updated to the latest version of Windows 10.

There were a squelch and buzz from my laptop speakers which was very annoying, I always reverted to the earlier version and even though it was a pain all was good in the end.
Not sure what I did but instead of reverting I pressed the fresh install but kept all my files and some of my programs.

Once I reinstalled my missing programs I settled down to listen to my favorite music on my Bluetooth headphones not.
I have no Bluetooth icon anywhere, I have searched loads of sites and am amazed that what I thought was a simple mistake by me would be rectified by some techie advice in seconds again not.

It seems this has happened to lots and lots of people and they’re struggling to connect Bluetooth to any of their peripherals.
I bought a new dongle 5.0 and all info said it would be recognized instantly by Windows 10.
It sounds like it connects and appears in device manager, it says it has the latest drivers, etc and is working properly but still no icon or ability to connect with Bluetooth.

I have reverted to a wired headset connection but surely this is a solvable issue.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts.