Windows 10 consistence 100% CPU usage

Hello everyone,

I could spot that one of my CPU threads (CPU1) is at 100% usage constantly. The other CPU threads run around 1-10% usage at most. This is what it looks like. I notice my CPU fan running faster as well, it makes a louder noise when the usage is at 100%.

Now I thought this might be a sneaky virus terminating itself when opening the task manager, so I ran a complete scan with Total AV (antivirus and antimalware program) and it didn’t find anything.

To find the culprit, I installed process explorer to watch my processes without opening the task manager. Because it apparently terminates itself right after I open the task manager, so this was my only option. The only process that seems to be vanishing right after opening the task-manager is explorer.exe. Here is what it looks like without the task-manager, and here with the task-manager opened. The processes are sorted by CPU usage.

So I think it might be explorer.exe which is causing these problems, but I’m not a hundred percent sure. Any help appreciated. Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

Please follow the link below.


It may be temperature issue. you can change Thermal paste and then check the CPU