Windows 10 Create a default logon account automatically

Is there a way I can create a default logon account for windows 10 PC automatically. We have a few system which need to logged under one login account but user failed to remember it and they start to login with their own username and credential which leads to create a user profile.

We have set a policy to work certain application to work under only one account so in order to work this user need to be login with the same user account.

So, I am looking for a way to auto populate the username by default and give user the only chance to type the passwords not the able to use their username and credential.

I hope someone give me a solution for this

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Hello @bilal

You can do so by using the following solution.

then select user and clear check box (user must enter a username and password)

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Follow this it’s same though
Step 1. Right-click the Start button and select Run from the hidden quick access menu, or use the keyboard shortcut Windows Key+R to bring up the Run dialog.
Step 2. Now Then Type: netplwiz and hit Enter or click OK.

Step 3. Uncheck Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer and click OK.

Step 4. Enter in your user name and the password you use to log into your system twice and click OK.
That’s it! The next time you restart your system, you will still see the sign in screen, but won’t need to enter anything. This process bypasses the Lock Screen, too.