Windows 10 credential frequently stop working on Windows Startup


We are a domain environment using Windows server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2012 R2 Essential. We have one domain user, when he logged into his PC he gets a Black background, which is not the correct wallpaper, they should have a light blue. At that point, I know the DC is not trusting their login. He cannot access any of the shares on the network from the short cuts on the desktop that they have made to the shares.

The Windows shares he is asking are hosted on the DC and those are just Word and Excel files. If they go through file explorer they can get to the files on the server. When this first started I went into Credential Manager and added them to both DC. It seemed to work for a while but then comes back. When I went back the info was not there later so I added it again. It has happened so often I showed the user how to check, sometimes the info is there and something they have to add it.




I assume there is a conflict between your domain and the client.

  1. Make sure both the domain and the client is communicating properly.
  2. Make sure both the domain and the client time is correct
  3. Make sure the client PC having the domain IP address in the DNS list.
  4. Try to exist the client PC from the domain and rejoin. (rejoining the client to the domain again will force the PC to re-authenticate, this could solve your issue)



You have mentioned you are using Windows server 2012 R2 Essential. Go to the dashboard of your Windows server essential and select the user account and change the password. Essential integrate active directory account with multiple services (only if you have enabled) may be the integration is causing some issue.

Let me know if the above suggestion help you solved your issue.

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