Windows 10 Desktop won't fully load after rescue from HDD with failing sectors

I have a laptop encrypted with Symantec that was not booting, and it couldn’t repair. I managed to decrypt it offline after several failed repair attempts and I found out the hard way that chkdsk on an encrypted drive could cause corruption.
I managed the now-decrypted drive using ddrescue and transferred the image to a new drive. I finally managed to get it to boot to login after running several command-line tools, including fixboot and rebuildbcd.
But the problem is that the desktop will only partially load. I get the wallpaper, zero desktop icons, and nothing on the taskbar responds I would like to attempt an in-place upgrade to repair, rather than a full wipe & reinstall, if possible, due to all the third-party programs and custom settings the owner has to run his financial services software, but I can’t get to the point where anything in the desktop environment is responsive.
The same issue was repeating in safe mode.
Any rights appreciated which can take me to the cool mind.
Thanks a lot.

Hello @Carissa
As you explained that you have already checked using safe mode.
So it would be better to install new Windows in new Hard Disk as you told that there is bad sector in hard disk.

Note: Do take backup of Your data from bad hard disk.