Windows 10 disconnects from share

Hello guys,
Good afternoon. I have a shared folder on a server 2012 box, that has user-specific folders inside. when a user writes inside their folder, an SMB Tree_Disconnect packet is sent, followed by a logoff. So, if I clicked in Jane’s folder, and select a new text document, it will write the document, but upon completion of the write operation, it kicks her back a level and then says her folder is not accessible for about 30 seconds before reconnecting. It is not user or machine-specific, other than windows 7 clients don’t do it, just windows 10. Previously a domain rejoin was fixing this, but that is no longer the case.
In Such case guys, I must do the correct thing to solve this problem
so thus anybody faces this issue type of issue or anyone knows how to fix this issue easily
Then please suggest me
Thanks a lot


follow this link it may help you to fix this issue

Hello @BarryAllan

Did you check with another folder or you can check in safe mode with networking.