Windows 10 - Explorer issues - PC Upgraded from Windows 7

Last week I upgraded my personal computer that I have from windows 7 to windows 10.

after upgrading it. It works properly for a few days. but stopped work.

I am facing nowadays the following issues. we are not sure if they are linked together or not.

First Issue,

whenever we use the file folder by using file explorer it opens by it owns a new folder.
we tried everything to set the browse option of folders.
we tried “Launch Folder Windows in Separate Process”

But it doesn’t seem to work…

Second Issue,

Whenever we click upon the pinned file Explorer it takes out the explorer.exe.
we also tried to recreate the everything of pinned links but time is out…
we also create so many shortcuts over the desktop which works properly…

Third Issue, (Which I think is related to the Second Issue)

Whenever we click the right on the folders of explorer or explorer.exe. it crashes out…yet again.

So anyone could provide the best answer for it…to solve this problem.

Very thanks…

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Hello @Abraham5310

Step 1 Run msconfig command in run menu and go to startup tab disable unwanted program and check it.

Step 2 scan virus with latest update