Windows 10 Flashing Task-bar corrupt profile issue

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I have a DELL PC with a strange issue with a user profile getting a flashing taskbar and no Desktop which I have not been able to find a fix.
The Issue: An AD User on our Domain made a case about his screen flashing and Windows not loading properly. When I log in as the User the taskbar and screen flash on and off and the background is black. You can’t click on anything. When I run the Task Manager with Ctrl+Alt+Delete I can’t End Explorer.exe. I can run Control Panel from Run in the Task Manager, but I try to type in the Run box it acts like the system is constantly doing an Alt+Tab and I have to keep clicking in the Run box to type the next letter. I can log in as the user and everything is fine if I choose Safe Mode with Networking although none of the networking is loaded. It runs Ok and the profile seems to load but I get an error message when logging in that says “host - The system detected an overrun of a stack-based buffer in this application”. Also, logging in as the local Admin account is fine. If I log in as another AD account it will be fine until a reboot and then will act the same as the other seemingly corrupted profile.
Diagnostic tests and results: I tried deleting the user account from the registry and deleting the User’s profile folder and I can log back in once and it is fine, then after a reboot, it starts doing the taskbar flashing issue again. I also tried running the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool to make a bootable thumb drive and reinstalled Windows 10 from the USB on top of itself and this did nothing, same issue. I also tried running scannow and that found no errors. I ran Malwarebytes and found no spyware. I tried rolling back any Windows features and Updates and both will Fail saying it can’t complete the request. The PC was too new to try a System Restore. I even ran the DELL diagnostic tests and everything came back A-Ok…
So, it seems like the only thing that works is to boot into Safe Mode then when rebooting use MSConfig to boot using Selective Startup without loading system services or startup items. This will boot and the profile loads correctly, but network and other features are not running. As soon as I boot normally I’m back to the same flashing taskbar issue with no icons on the Desktop.

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the best way will be to backup your data files, download windows OS file from official site and install fresh windows.

I had the same problem, and I didn’t fix it. I tried many ways, but there was not any solution

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