Windows 10 how to prevent driver reinstall upon reboot?

Hello guys,

There are almost 3500 laptops of Dell that we are working on it.

Hence we are facing an issue with headphones that are not being detected.

Although we are users of so many things… For multiple times.

The problem which we are facing is WavMaxx software is not installed (it pulls from the app store).
We use SCCM to image our device and AppStore is disabled.

There is a workaround that we can use a Realtek driver ta a time such as Dell and HP doesn’t have such drivers. (nice for an enterprise device…DELL!!!)

The issue that we are facing is, if we uninstall the incorrect driver, a reboot, and attempt to install our needed driver…we are trying to race windows 10 which is trying to reinstall the “incorrect” driver on its own.

How do I stop this?

Anyone here to share this problem’s issue, appreciated.

Please help us…
Yours obediently

Hello @BarryAllan

If you didn’t try yet, then you can manually update device driver from device manager by selecting specific device, which need to be upload.