Windows 10 incorrect password error in safemode


My pc in my home not able to boot on safe mode if I connect the internet nor internet it always says incorrect password.

I know that there are mostly two reasons for my password to say that it’s correct. Firstly I have logged in usually using my pin and changed my password.

Hoping that it can be correct the fault and also it asks me the password of the account and obtains that there is nothing problem fixed. If I try to get into command prompt from troubleshooting boot. The logic I want to go into the safe mode is to execute a deep anti-virus scan, I don’t think that I have a virus but I like to scan in every 6 months in safe mode for peace of mind.

Administrator account in safe mode has limited access to the life system I think the problem is connecting the internet approaches to the safe mode, is there is any way to flush the password cache so it can help me to accept my password offline??

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Hello @Abraham5310

For the sake of deep scanning. you don’t need to go to safe moe
you can scan your system in nornal booting also.

If you want to go to safe mode and run internet then you will have to select safe mode with netwoking.

Aministrator Account has full acces to safe mode and other mode also such as safe mode with networking.