Windows 10 is Windows Defender enough as a Anti-Virus?

Till windows 8 Microsoft built-in Anti-Virus application called Security Essential wasn’t great and everyone had there one choice of Anti-Virus application on there devices to protect the device from virus, malware etc.,

But soon after the release of Windows 10 Microsoft made drastic changes to the Windows security and now its claim Windows 10 Defender is alone can be a best Anti-Virus software for Windows 10.

As per their claim I found Windows Defender take less memory and usage to scan the entire device but it’s never reported me a virus from device. But ironically my previous anti-virus software Kaspersky which often notify me about virus and malware from my devices.

So, The Question is Windows Defender is enough as a Anti-Virus? Or do we need to have a third-party Antivirus solution in our device like before for better protection.

Any inputs appreciated



Since Windows 10 Microsoft is improving Windows Defender on each of its new versions. We had this question last year, after a long discussion we decided to use Defender as an AntiVirus application. All of our offices already had firewalls so we decided to Firewall + Defender is enough.
As per our company policy, we already block USB drive so there are no chances to get infected from the USB.
But things changed now due to COVID-19 we have to send all the computers to the user home and now we only depend on Windows Defender because the user is now using their own unprotected internet. Now there is a chance we can get infected by malware site or any phishing emails etc.,
So, In my opinion, Windows Defender is not enough as an antivirus application. You need to have some third-party applications to get 360 protection for your PC and your network.


Yes In my opinion Windows Defender is enough as a Malware & Anti Virus tool but it doesn’t protect you from the online threat. You better need to have some web control application which can block the phishing, malware, adware, information tracking sites etc.,