Windows 10 May 2019 Update broke windows as usual rant

Hello Everyone,
Today morning when I woke up from the bed and as soon as I turn on my computer it gives me a message that One of your clients phoned this morning saying that she could not get into any application after her laptop updated yesterday.
Turned out that somehow the Windows Update had denied access to the program files folder. I had to copy the program files X86 permissions to the program files folder and I managed to get everything to work again with the exception of Edge (which we don’t use anyway).
This is the third time in the last couple of years that this client has had an issue with Windows 10 Updates messing up the system in some way! And Microsoft wants to convince me to move to Windows 10. I am so happy for using windows 7 still because it,s not upgraded but it works properly. does,t gives us any type of struggle.
I am so glad that I have Windows 7 - it might be old - but it just works.
Thus anybody has any suggestion that after I can use windows 10 after some days ago.
Thanks a lot.

Hello @Carissa

Generally it does not happen what you are sharing that after updating windows your client not able to run any application.
But now it is good that you have solved the problem.
Windows 7 was good OS but as we all know that microsoft has stoped the support of windows 7 and for now we don’t have any choice.
Windows 10 is also good OS. If you have any further query, feel free to contact me.