Windows 10 May 2019 update broke Windows as usual rants

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One of my clients phoned this morning saying that she could not get into any application after her laptop updated yesterday. Couldn’t open Word, Outlook, Firefox - nothing worked!
Turned out that somehow the Windows Update had denied access to the program files folder. I had to copy the program files X86 permissions to the program files folder and I managed to get everything to work again except for Edge (which we don’t use anyway).
This is the third time in the last couple of years that this client has had an issue with Windows 10 Updates messing up the system in some way! And Microsoft wants to convince me to move to Windows 10. I am still happily using Windows 7!
I am going to be putting her on one of the domains (she works at several locations which are the only reason why she was not added to one domain) and adding her to WSUS Updates and restricting the updates to just security updates. Maybe every 18 months I will roll out the latest and “greatest - not” version of Windows 10 but I am getting rid of this 6-month anniversary update as it causes more problems than it solves!
Please let me know who can solve this issue properly
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Hello @George

Run windows update troubleshooter