Windows 10 Network adapter frequently stops working

Hi, I am using Windows 10 build [10.018363 build 18363].

This is a laptop, not a PC, I wanted to know what could be the reason for this sudden thing on my laptop running windows 10. Please check the below image when the problem occurs, network adapters show in the yellow exclamatory mark.


But after a restarted it works fine I googled this but only found resolutions of the problem and not causes, which is making me uneasy cause I think I might have something unwanted on my laptop. I cannot keep restarting the laptop always I need to know the cause of the problem so that I can stop it.



it will be driver issue, download official driver from site, uninstall this one and install new driver.

if you want which driver is good for your hardware. right click on driver>properties>details and choose hardware ids.
paste it in browser and it shows you which driver is for your hardware

Hello @Waylon

It is a problem of Lan card driver.
It appear when some files of driver gets corrupted.