Windows 10 Offline file not opening while offline?

Hello Guys,

Recently we were migrated from dropbox for business to the local windows server and decided to use the available offline features. I think I have successfully configured the Windows 10 desktop and redirect all document folders to a file server and both folders are made to “always available offline” so offline copies are made. But the problem is when the computer is offline, the files seem to be in their proper places (no disappearing icons and no grey “x”). However, when I click on any file type offline, the file will not open. I get an error message saying: Sorry, we can’t open xxxxx

But the same network share works normally even outside the network if I enable internet access to the PC. I am little confused about the process and need help to configure always available offline features in Windows 10.

For your information, we are using Windows Server 2012 R2.


Hi @Aaron,

Since, you have mentioned you are using Windows Server 2012 R2. By any chance did you enable Enable Continuous availability. Go to Server Manager/File and Storage Services/Shares and make sure you have enabled “Enable Continuous availability” option in the setting.

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As @Alexa, has already pointed out make sure the enabled continuous availability and Allow caching of share is enabled on your Windows server.


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