Windows 10 Path corruption

Guys, I think it’s going to be crazy

There is a small service that our developers made the second copy for a selected piece on one screen to a second screen.

And I think that this process is necessary for to do because the monitor that we use is the worst 35ultra widescreen product and the clients only have 1920x1080 on their screens to give us (it’s a med device in the OR is a large monitor which controlled by Monitor manager device which splits a screen into multiple displays).

Anyway, the service has stopped working at one of the sites. nothing will display on the screen when we click the exe. But there is a way by following it we can easily go to it.

If we change the path by copying the folder or even by renaming the folder it’s the program works.

It’s a service and it’s a stand-alone utility so everything is needed to run in the folder with it, no install But our developers are recommending me that’s a problem of windows because a path of windows is crashes or power failure error, Buy this they need to check other and they don’t except this one and they don’t wanna look at it.