Windows 10 PCs automatically change DNS periodically

hey all, got one weird problem going here. I have 2 Windows 10 PC’s which periodically disappear from my DNS server a few times a day. all other PC’s at this subnet are fine, router hands out DHCP to everyone, they never lose pings/network connectivity. Any idea what could be causing this? We are all running w10 1809 with the latest updates and dell firmware/drivers. I am really confused about this issue it’s only happening in 2 computers out of 100.

I run the network troubleshooting to find any error in 2 Windows 10 PC but in one of them I got the below error:


We are using Windows server 2016, the DHCP scope on the router just hand out the DNS IP’s to the clients. Amongst 12 other sites and over 100 VM’s / PC’s, these 2 are the only ones that keep disappearing from DNS. I have even changed their computer names and rejoined the domain


you can change DNS servers with registry. follow the link

Hello @Austin

This link would help you to solve your problem.