Windows 10 PIN "Something Went Wrong"

I am trying to setup Fingerprint and PIN logins on our Windows 10 PCs. We have a Windows 2016 Domain which is in On-Premises. We have enabled the “Convenience PIN” using Group Policies and it will allow to add it but in the add process it brings up windows with “Your organization requires Windows Hello” and attempts to connect to a Microsoft account, which we don’t want to do unless this is a necessity. If we cancel at that point, under PIN in sign in options it reads "Sorry, this PIN isn’t working for your organization’s resources.


Tap or click here to fix it." Clicking that takes us back to the Windows Hello setup. If we try to use an existing Microsoft account it fails with a “Something Went Wrong” error. I found several documents online on setting up Fingerprint/PIN on a domain but I have not seen anything that talks about having to use a Microsoft Account.

Any help is greatly appreciated,


hello @Jackson

This link will help you to solve the problem.