Windows 10 processing during lock screen

Hello everyone,
Hope you all are fine,
This seems so straightforward to me but I don’t bother to know everything,… BUT my experience says that if I have an application running, batch files, app queries, etc can it will continue to run when windows 10 screen locks.

I have a user who swears that his application processing stops when he performs a WIN-KEY+L

I think that is what’s happening, is not possible but I think his settings may be the culprit.

Short of hibernation which stops on a Windows 10 system when the screen locks?

Thus anybody knows how to stop this hibernation by this I can use properly windows 10 system when the screen locks

Thanks in advance…
I hope you can give me the answer and solve this big problem which I am facing and I can work properly. and my screen would be right when ever I locks the screen

Hello @harmen

Which app are you using.
Did you compare this with another computer.