Windows 10 profile issue

so, we all had profile issues in past but nowadays I am facing and I wanted to spread this one is on 2pcs out of the last 4i’ve done.

setting up the pcs manually. Nothing really special: antivirus, adobe reader super simple stuff.

I join the domain and I logged the user which want to use it. but at a time when things are going to be wrong, I can’t open a program that gets installed for them.

if I search the windows key to find programs and files. nothing comes up settings? forget it…hangs and crashes with no error.

I have tried several times but there is no luck for me even if I build it again but the same issue will happen if I log in it with others than it works fine.

I think that the only solution is to reset the pc, which bowled back to us within 2 hours then everything seems to work fine. and I also think that it the issue of the settings that are throwing me off on this.

I cannot get into all has anybody has or anybody face this kind of issue
where they can’t get even settings that how to work?