Windows 10 Reset not working with keep my personal files option

Windows OS: Windows 10
OS Version: 1909
OS Bit: 64 bit

I am facing a weird problem with one of my domain-joined Windows 10 computers. This computer is casing with multiple BSOD errors in the last few days. At the time of BSOD error, Windows is throwing different error codes each time so I could navigate the exact cause of the errors.

I followed the below troubleshooting steps so far and failed:

  1. Refreshed Windows 10 OS
  2. Reinstalled all the third-party software’s
  3. Created new user profiles
  4. Uninstalled reset updates

None of the above was helpful. So, I decided to reset the Windows 10 OS with the option to Keep my personal files. But when I select this option Windows 10 reset is not working and the resting process is continuous.

I don’t have the Windows 10 key in my hand so I cannot install the OS as new. I need help to solve this issue.