Windows 10 Reset vs Windows 10 Clean Install? Which one is best to perform and when?


Windows reset is an option to reset the Windows 10 PC back to its default state but does Windows 10 reset is equal to Windows 10 clean install. Because Windows 10 clean install is preferred and recommended if a problem is not solved in the windows.

I am just curious to know the difference between Windows 10 Reset vs Windows 10 Clean install. What is the difference between them and which one is better is which situation



Hi @christopher,

In my opinion both feature help Windows 10 to get backup to the default state. But by performing Windows 10 Reset option you would only required to reinstall and reconfigure all the application again and no need to worry about the licensing.

But while performing clean install you have to activate your Windows 10 again. You can avoid this step before performing clean install make sure you have linked your Windows 10 digital license to your personal or work Microsoft account.

But in most cases choosing either is really depends to the situation and the problem you are facing.