Windows 10 Restart my PC without my constantly without my knowledge

Hi guys,

I always keep my Windows 10 Updated and I care about Windows Updates and as per Microsoft recommendation. But… I want to have control when the computer is restarted. I saw Windows updates were installed, and was having those system tray popups saying that I have to restart the PC. No problem - I understand, and will restart whenever I am ok to close my stuff.

Windows 10 just decided to do it overnight without my consent. All my open stuff, which I don’t know any more what was open, were closed. Things I had open so I could remember to come back… all gone. I can try to remember, but I don’t know if I’ll remember everything. Sometimes I have unsaved open Notepads with some notes… gone.

I really need this to be reliable. If I go sleep, I expect that when I come back, I have everything ready to start again.I can’t have Windows 10 restart like this, without me being ready for that.

Hello @BarryAllan

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You can manage update and restart by doing the following steps given in link.