Windows 10 Set Automatic Time Zone is grayed out


We are currently using the windows 10 1803 build in our AD environment and we are searching for the automatic time zone settings as we have users and sites all over Europe.

For some reason, one of our staff how travel a lot is missing the option in Windows 10 to set time zones automatically.

For some other staff when I checked there pc it’s like this:

When we google this for solutions, we constantly find people who have a toggle switch in their time settings to switch “Set time zone automatically” on or off. We, however, do not have this switch. As I understand, our build should be recent enough to have this. I can find the registry setting to switch this on or off, nut I want to show this switch for our users, so I can set a GPO preference to set the “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\tzautoupdate” “Start” value to 3, but if users connect to VPN and get a different location than where they actually are, they can set this to manual themselves. I cannot seem to find this setting anywhere, or someone else who is having this issue.

Thanks in advance.