Windows 10 Sign-in Error: The User Profile Service failed the sign-in

Dear Friends,

I have a domain PC that was assigned to a new user. The user has a domain AD account but he is not able to log in the PC. I tried again and again after a restart but he keeps getting the below error as The User Profile Service service failed the sign-in.

To confirm the issue I asked him to sign-in on another PC, sign-in was successful So, It seems there is a problem with the PC not with the AD user account.

What I can do to prevent this issue from happening.

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best answer for this is here:

Your PC not able to connect the domain while creating the profile. New user profile only be created after authentication the username and password for the user from the domain so, first need to need to make sure your PC able to access the DC before you creating the profile for the new user.

If you are in the remote site and use are using some thing like VPN to communicate with the DC then you need to do network login for created the new user profile. Once your PC fetch the credential for the first time after this error won’t appear even if the domain connection is not available user can still do the login the the cached credential in their PC.


Agree, you need to have working network to load and create profiles in windows 10.