Windows 10 Stop code : System Thread Exception Not Handled with a failed of BrHostDrv.sys

Hi Guys,

Last week, I updated one of my PC from Windows 10 version 1809 to Windows 10 version 1909. The PC was not running a few programs correctly. The last one was our security cameras. It installed the software, but won’t let me install the cameras in the software. So, I try to do a Rest this PC but keep the personal files.

That reset came back with a “Could not do this”. So I tried a Reset this PC, but this time wipe out all of the apps and personal files.

Now the PC is in a end loop, trying to install Windows at 60%, but I get the BSOD. The Stop code is “System_Thread_Exception_Not_Handled” with a failed of BrHostDrv.sys


I have tried to get into Safe Mode and recovery mode, but it just keeps trying to go back to installing and failing.

Any help will be great.


One of the most reasons are the faulty or outdated driver and after that overclocking software to cause this BSOD error. If you have installed any new software and thereafter you are facing this issue, then you must uninstall the software, the same is not compatible with Windows 10.

To solve this issue you need to do a lots of research on your effected Windows 10 computers like you have to read minidump file etc. There is no doubt this process is time consuming. If I were you I would simple Refresh the Windows 10 OS in your effected PC. Refreshing the Windows 10 OS will bring back all the new Windows 10 OS file from the Windows 10 Image file and overwritten in your effected computer. In my opinion this is the best choice to make.

Please check the answers in the below post maybe It may help you to solve your problems.