Windows 10 upgrade files with all the possible options. Why?

The issue:

Every time I format my pc, within 3 to 4 days Windows will try to update my computer which it will fail at 100% causing me daily to be locked out of Windows 10 with we’re updating your pc, then it will fail and for an hour it will show undoing changes screen before it finally lets me into Windows.

I have tried to update using Windows update assistant application, it also fails the updates if I try to manually do it. I created a Bootable Media for Windows 10 via USB, and it will state Your computer may not run windows 10, and not giving me any option and closes the application.( Of course, my pc runs Windows 10, it came with the computer and been using it for 4 years )

I have now created a bootable ISO for windows 10 via USB, I am trying to install it via USB, but I keep getting “the selected disk is of the GPT style partition” and not sure what to do? I’ve already enabled legacy mode with UEFI mode disabled. Should I delete all my partitions? including the OEM image that is stored via partition? I fear to do that so I wanted to ask on here, as I won’t have a working computer anymore if I delete this image build 1511 if something goes wrong.

any advice? Thank you.

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Hello @Sasi

If you delete your all partitions of hard disk, then your all data would be deleted.
Regarding upgrade error you check the following link supported by Microsoft Team.

Hi @Sasi,

If you have any other PC (or this before messing around), use the Windows tool to create installation media:

The tool should make a USB drive that is UEFI bootable.

Make sure legacy mode is disabled in the BIOS - you want Secure Boot on and UEFI boot only for security.

When the USB boots and you select Install, use Custom and delete ALL partitions. Then click next when the disk is empty and Windows will make the partitions it needs.