Windows 10 Upgrade for Medium Business

Hello, Spice heads:

we upgraded all about 50 computers from windows 7 to windows 10.

We gathered the fault that is was involved in current vendor supplying with OS as well as Microsoft office 365 licenses (we currently use Gmail and Outlook sync) but they are balking at cost (which seems pretty reasonable to me).

The question I get from them is: Thus we need to upgrade all of these generally? Everything is out of mind how is this is possible but we abused to use the MS MAP tool to observe how it reacts to the machines and will it successfully upgraded.

what’s the best thing here? Fight? Or actually, try to figure out who needs more memory and then upgrade it.

But the question of how can we do this – a VL from MS and then network push?

Is this possible…

Any ideas General ideas. to share…