Windows 10 version 1809 - Remote Desktop services Remote app graphical Glitch

Hello Everybody,
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I’m noticing a graphical issue using Remote Desktop (RemoteApp) on our Windows 10 Pro 1809. For example, I’ll be using RemoteApp to access Outlook and while interacting with the program the window will momentarily disappear and whatever I have open on the screen behind outlook will be displayed. If I then interact with where the outlook window should be again it will usually come back and I can carry on as normal but there have been instances where it constantly goes back and forth between displaying and not displaying (in some sort of graphical glitch loop).

Has anyone experienced similar issues to this in their environment and been able to find a fix for it? We’ve been battling with RDS graphical glitches since deploying Windows 10 version 1709 and we bypassed 1803 completely as it was pretty much unusable, so I guess in this respect Microsoft has previous for new versions of windows breaking this sort of thing.

Has anyone who already faced this type of issue.