Windows 10 version 2004 Start Menu Issue

Hello everybody
Hope you all are fine

This is the first time I am having this type of issue. I have been using Windows 10 from the version 1507 and keep updating to every version Microsoft is releasing. But this latest version is very annoying me I don’t know what to do.

Now I can’t open my start menu. Even after the left click, it doesn’t respond to me. however, right-click opens a list with a lot of options. the system is 2004.19041.329. The rest of the taskbar icons works as suppose to. I have tried SFC/ Scan now already but it tells me everything is peachy. Tried updating (no updates avail) and went through 4 pages of search results here dealing with the issue. None of them worked so far. I have not done a reset yet and, frankly, I do not want to.

Created another user named ‘test’ and of course, the start menu works there. So it seems, something got screwed up in my user account. However, I have no clue where to start at this point.

So please suggest me.

Thanks in advance.