Windows 10 Work From Home What is the best practice?

Hello All,

Due to Covid-19 most of our user have already started working from home and now our management has decided to continue work from home till the end of this year so now few of our pending user also working from home starting this week respectively.

Now my boss have asked me to create a presentation on how I am going to protect his network since all of the user are connecting remotely through the VPN. How to protect the PC which we have given already to the users. Because in our office we have firewall which protect and filter so many things before reaching to the user PC. Now all of the users are using their own internet which is not safe and unprotected.

As a systemadmin what measure we have to take to protect the PC and the office network in these condition.


It depends entirely on the person, position, and need. Typically for those who have the greenlight though, it’s just a laptop. If they’re working from home primarily, that’s different and we’ll provide more equipment like a dock, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and potentially a phone.

  • Every laptop or desktop have Anti-Virus and web filter application to protect from online threats.
  • VPN should be provided to access and share office related file.
  • USB data share should be blocked for not leaking confidential files or storing personal files in office device
  • Better to use some device monitoring software like prtg or lansweeper to make sure device is being utilized properly. Being Turn ON and Turn OFF as per the reqirement, like not too much of idle time, temperature monitor etc.,
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