Windows 10 Workstation & Office 365 & Azure AD?

I meet my friend yesterday night and discussed some business issues.
However, he said he has about 65 Windows 10 PCs and Laptops in his company. he does not have any servers.

Users log on to their workstation with a local account and access application via websites and RDPing into a GP system, his email and documents are via their Office 365 accounts. All of his data is stored on dropbox.

Is the following scenario possible? What he likes to do, if possible, he wants to join all the machines to the Microsoft Azure AD so the users can log in with their Office 365 credentials, that way they won’t log in separately to email and one-drive, etc. Also,

He wants to automatically have the user’s Documents folder, desktop folder, pictures, folder, etc stored on their one-drive, so no matter what workstation they log into, their files would roam with them and they would see their desktop.

Also, could he force some kind of generic company-wide policies this way, such as auto time out of the workstation, default desktop icons, default start menu items, etc?

Is something like this possible with Azure AD and what Microsoft offers?

Please guide us.


You can use Azure portal for this job.

you can buy server on the Azure portal and run AD. also you need to make VPN connection between your office and Azure, to connect your workstation to AD. the best VPN connection is IPsec, it is more secure then other.

on the Azure portal there are all microsoft services and you can use and sync all there in the one sphere.

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