Windows 10 wrongly recognize as disk full

I have one HP desktop computer It says there’s only a few GB left on the bootdisk C, but I don’t think that’s correct because when I make the addition of all the directories, AppData, hidden files, etc I can only find a 100GB easily.

I tried WinDirStat, it says the SSD has a capacity of 84,1 GB In reality this is a 250GB SSD. When I right-click on the SSD in explorer, the properties tab says it’s a 210GB disk and 202GB is used!? The SSD has 5 partitions and the primary partition indeed is 210GB. I was thinking that maybe a part of the SSD is reserved for the cache for offline files or something like that, but we don’t use offline files…? What’s the best way to check that possibility?

There are a lot of directories and files with size 0 bytes, e.g. the directory ‘namespace’, but it holds hundreds of other directories and files? In the recent past the desktop used ‘offline files’, but it doesn’t any longer. How can I check if there’s still disk space reserved for the cache of those old ‘offline files’?

Anyone an idea of what could be wrong?

Hello @JesseJ

If you share the screen shot of disk management console image by running diskmgmt.msc
in run menu, then it would be easy to understand the problem.
i am sharing you the sample image