Windows 1903 folder redirection issue?

We have a folder redirection issue since we started to deploy Windows 10 1903. we have a GPO that redirect Documents, Desktop, Favorites, Pictures, etc folders to OneDrive for business. Before, with windows 1803, everything was working fine. But now we have an issue with the Desktop redirection on Windows 1903.

These are the steps to reproduce the issue:

1- The user is added to the redirection GPO and he logs on his regular machine. Files are moved to the local OneDrivesync folder in a “Desktop” folder.

This step works as expected.

2- If the same user logs on another machine where he never logged before, OneDrive connects on the first logon and the redirection GPO cannot be applied at this time which is expected.

3- The second time the user logs on the new machine, the GPO is applied and folders are redirected and content moved to the OneDrive sync folder expect for the Desktop.

It seems that if there’s already a shortcut or a file on the desktop with the same name as a file in the OneDrive Desktop folder,

the redirection doesn’t apply. If there’s nothing on the desktop of the new computer or files with different names, it works.

we have a folder redirection error event 502 in the application log with the “The copy functions cannot be used” error description.

Thus anyone faces the same problem???
could they guide me to the right solution…

great of faithfulness to all of you…