Windows and Linux OS sync

Ok peps, I need some serious walkthrough here. I want to have an operational PC that can hold Windows and Linux OS at the same time. I tried with both Linux Mint and Ubuntu, both installed without errors but it reverts back to Windows anyways. Is there a way to have both fully functioning at this time on one PC?

Hi @Grey

Better install windows 1st then you can dual boot other Linux distributions. This is because installing Windows on top of Ubuntu will likely result in messing up the MBR(DualBoot/Mbr - Community Help Wiki). When that happens, it can be very difficult to boot into Ubuntu or other Linux

Hello Grey,

You first you install windows
Create only two partition while installing windows and free unpartition space in harddisk as you required for linux
Note it is important that you create only two partition in windows because one partition is reserved by windows rest unpartition space for
It will definitely help you out

I do this at home and at my in-laws. The basic setup is to do a mount on the Linux system that points to the Windows system. Then, do a scheduled CRON job that runs an RSYNC job to copy the latest files. The initial job takes the longest.

One thing that is of interest is the credentials needed from the Linux system. I created a maintenance account on the Windows system. Also, if I recall, I had to share the folders I needed to access in one or more of the setups. Accessing the c$ hidden share stopped working at some point during Windows updates and upgrades, and a real share was needed.

And, after the Windows 7 to 10 upgrade, I remember that I had to search Google like hell for the syntax needed to access the remote system. Ended up finding some fancy NTLM command line switches that you will never guess on your own.

Have had to tweak several times over the past 5 years for Linux and Windows changes - so don’t expect the first settings to last forever.