Windows Defender - How to Automate Enabling Periodic Scanning?

Hello, everyone

I'm a user of windows 10 And my friend also using Windows 10 Version in 1903.

Recently, my friend said in his laptop, windows 10 1903 and another AV installed doing real-time scanning, does anyone know of a way to automate enabling Windows Defender Periodic scanning?

I would like to enable this feature in my friend’s laptop automatically so that in addition to our regular AV we also have Windows Defender periodically doing a background scan as well (even if MS claims it isn’t that effective).

I found toggling the setting changes the following registry keys, but that manually changing them (needing to adjust ownership/permissions)

does not do anything:

HKLM\ Software\ Microsoft\ Windows Defender\ Passive mode
HKLM\ Software\ Microsoft\ Windows Defender\ DisableAntiSpyware
HKLM\ Software\ Microsoft\ Windows Defender\ DisableAntiVirus

I also discovered through procmon that the CLSID is 6CEDODAA-4CDE-49C9-BA3A-AE163DC3D7AF

I’m sure there will be replies saying “don’t use it, pointless, etc”… But this question is whether or not it can be enabled with automation, not about the merits of its use.


Hello @Stanford

You can use Windows Schedule for setting for enabling periodic scanning. It is better way to keep your system virus free.