Windows Firewall is turned off. Annoying notification not able to turn on Windows Firewall on Windows 10

Hello Everyone,
Good Morning to all.
I’m using my personal computer from the past 10 months ago.
I first noticed the problem about three weeks ago. Every time I restart my laptop I receive a message that Windows Firewall is turned off. I’m given the option to turn it back with a “Click here” option. But that does nothing. I also noticed that the Windows antivirus icon that is always in my taskbar is no longer visible.
I went into Windows security to turn on the firewall manually, but no matter what I attempt I get no response. It’s locked in Off. I went into Services, and under the description, every service description reads “Failed to read the description. Error code 2”
I don’t have any ideas for solving this trouble and even I tried like Video tutorials and I shared about this trouble with my friends.
Is there any suggestion?
Thanks in advance.