Windows laptop (HP) with "no internet" on any connection EXCEPT domain/internal

The last night, my laptop was not going to interwebz at home (wired or wifi). Connected, IP looks fine, “no internet”.

I bring to User to corporate. He puts a laptop on a wired connection, it works fine. he Connects to company wifi, works fine. then he Connects to our guest wifi and even a wired port on the guest subnet, and we’re back to “no internet.”

Tech does all the usual stuff whatever he can do: he installed the new drivers, rolled back the old drivers, manual IP/DNS/etc., no GPO or network changes, no security software or hardware changes. Cold booting, etc…

What it comes down to with this ONE laptop is this: If it’s on the network with our domain controllers or at least the internal DNS (AD), be it wired or wireless, it works. Connect to off-domain wired or wireless But… “No internet” and no network connected apps work.

The end: Same results if the laptop is cold booted and connected to non-domain wifi or wired connections, and never sees the domain first.

Thus Anyone has absorbed this behavior before?..
Please guide me.
Thanks a lot…