Windows Photos crash immediately after opening

I’ve got a user whose Photo app on their laptop opens, then crashes immediately, whenever we try to open image files using it the program crashes with the following error message:

So I did some further troubleshooting

  • Using the Troubleshooters in PC Settings - Did absolutely nothing, and provided no information
  • Resetting the app using the PC Settings - Did absolutely nothing, and provided no information
  • Used Powershell to remove the Photos App - Encountered no problems running the Remove-AppxPacakge… script, however, if I then look for the Photos app it shows it’s still installed, and trying to reinstall it from the Windows Store says it’s already installed too.
  • Doing the above, then using PSTools to scrub and remove any trace of the install, encountered errors and had the same result as above.
  • Using CCleaner to uninstall the Photos App - This time the Photos App didn’t appear in the list of installed apps within CCleaner, however, it still appears as an installed app in the PC Settings.

After all of this, still the same if anyone else has any suggestions for this?

Hello @alexander

I would like to help you if you please share the error message so I got to know the exact .problem.


Please provide us error message